Ewing drawing high praise as a top lineman for the Eagles

There are certain names you just don’t throw around carelessly when drawing comparisons across the eras of Tyrone’s football program. Jesse Jones is one. Stevie Franco is another.

Draw parallels between a player of today and those bygone Golden Eagles, and the kid of this era better be pretty good.

A third would be Terry Tate, an offensive and defensive lineman from who played from 2002-2004. Tate grew into an absolute beast by his senior season, when he recorded 21 tackles for loss and was named the Defensive Player of the Year by the Pennsylvania Football News. That same school year, he won a PIAA wrestling championship as a heavyweight.

It would take a superior player to reach those heights, and any player to earn a mention in the same breath as Tate would be rubbing elbows with greatness.

That’s why it was quite interesting this week when Tyrone coach John Franco, in assessing his team’s outlook against Brookville on Friday, unequivocally stated that junior Braden Ewing was in the same class as his one-time All-State tackle.

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