Tyrone overcomes ugly start to trounce Bellefonte

Pop quiz: when Tyler Johnson threw this 1-yard touchdown pass to Dominic Capparella in the second quarter last night against Tyrone, it was special for what reason?

Johnson to Capparella

A) It was Johnson’s first touchdown pass of the season

B) It was Bellefonte’s first lead in two weeks

C) It was the first time Tyrone trailed this season

D) All of the above.

The answer, of course, is D, and the combination of A, B, and C made the touchdown troublesome for Tyrone in a lot of ways. Johnson hadn’t found the end zone in 50 passes prior to that one, so it wasn’t a good look for Tyrone’s defense. Nor was it pleasant to fall behind a team that had gone scoreless in seven straight quarters before that.

But it is football, and things happen; however, for the Golden Eagles to find themselves behind was quite unusual. Tyrone hadn’t trailed at any point this season in three games, so the touchdown to conclude a 25-yard drive was a test of its own, a pass-fail exam to see if the Eagles could take a punch and respond under pressure.

Thirty-seven unanswered points later, the correct response was yes.

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