Somewhere around 2020, things got heated between Tyrone and Bald Eagle Area.

The Golden Eagles had dominated BEA for decades, winning 25 in a row before the Bald Eagles took down Tyrone two consecutive times by a combined 66-0 in 2018 and 2019.

After Tyrone squeezed by Bald Eagle 15-12 in their renaissance season of 2020, some words were exchanged in the handshake line. Tempers flared. A few players and coaches were separated.

The near altercation brought back to the series those old time feelings, the kind that made games in the 1980s wild and intense.

Most of the players who experienced the extracurriculars that night in Wingate are gone, and the Bald Eagles are now sitting at 2-3 while Tyrone has won its first five games out of the gate, so you would think the passionate feelings that led to the postgame shout-fest are gone.

But that’s not exactly the case. No, when Bald Eagle comes to Gray-Veterans Memorial Field on Friday, it won’t be rallying around a Remember-the-Alamo moment from two years prior. Instead, it will be coming in with a sense of urgency and of something to prove, which could be even more dangerous for the Golden Eagles.

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